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For a moment, let's step away from the idea that improvisation has to be funny.  What happens when an improv scene isn't played to get a laugh?  What happens when you simply listen and connect to yourself, your partner, and the environment?  What happens when you pursue truth over comedy?
When an improviser isn’t looking for the laugh, they open themselves up to experience what is truly going on in the moment.  Experiencing removes the pressure to be funny.  When you remove the pressure to be funny you’ll find that improvising is as easy as having a conversation.

These 10-week progressive Improvisational Theatre course will focus on the tools and techniques of Improvisational Theatre.  These classes were designed to focus on YOU as the actor.  By giving participants the practice time, to understand and explore improvisation and help you find out what works for you. 
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10–Week Course Overview:

What is the difference between Improv and Improvisational Theatre?

“Improv [Comedy] is writing on your feet.
Improvisational Theatre is acting without a script.
Improv [Comedy] is a comedian using their quick wit.
Improvisational Theatre is an actor accessing their emotions.
Improv [Comedy] is about forwarding a narrative or idea.
Improvisational Theatre is about entering the scene
with an open mind and open heart.”  

— Scotty Watson

  • 10 weeks (25 hours) of small ensemble instruction and play time.

  • Classes limited to 14 students MAX.

  • A safe, supportive environment to learn, explore, practice, PLAY and, above all, have FUN!

  • A 1-Hour Performance Showcase, at the end of the 10 weeks, for your family and friends.

In ALL 10-Week Courses, You Will Get:

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“Is what we are doing comedy?  Probably not.

Is it funny?  Probably yes.”

– Del Close

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