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Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month

FREE 2 Play -or- 1 € to Watch

~ Jams are conducted in English & Portuguese ~

Important: In order to play in a, Jam players must be present at the start of the show. Late comers will not be able to participate, but can still watch.

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Our Next Jams

If you're an improviser in Lisbon and you want a place to play these Jams are for you!  Come meet [new] people, do scenes, & have FUN! 

What is a Jam?
The best way for an improviser to grow is to perform, and a Jam is the perfect opportunity to get some stage time and work on your craft.

In a Jam all participants will put their name into a hat and will be paired up with random partners to do short scenes.  It is a chance for improvisers of all levels to come together and play with people that you might not otherwise have a chance to play with.  It is a low-risk way to keep yourself active and explore the craft of improvisation for yourself.

So come out and play!

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